Friday, September 28, 2007


Blasphemy: impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things.

You don't hear that word too often. But if it ever applied today, it would apply to The Folsom Street Fair ad in San Francisco where they have depicted the Last Supper with S&M gays and sex toys. I can't even bear to post the picture. Give it a look at Michelle's.

Christians put up with a lot of bashing these days. It seems we aren't suppose to be outraged when someone offends that which is most sacred to us.

Nooses are hung in a tree in a small town of Louisiana and the media is all over it. Bloggers are all over. We are stunned and disgusted. Media Matters is at this moment waging a smear campaign against Bill O'Reilly because he dared to say that the black America of rappers and gangsters don't represent mainstream blacks. Now Rush is under attack as well as they take out of context a conversation Rush has with a caller.

But let a S&M street fair mock and desecrate our God and not a word from the left.

Miller beer is sponsering this abomination. I've never been big on boycotts, but I will never buy Miller again and I urge you not to as well. People have a right to offend in this country, but we don't have to buy the products that openly sponser that which offends us.