Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Is It Too Soon?

Universal's 9-11 movie "United 93" is opening. I've heard the trailers are even upsetting. But it does give me a comfortable feeling about it when I read that Universal secured the blessing of all the families of Flight 93 victims.

A commenter sent me a transcript of one of Rush's show where he spoke with one of the family members who felt like it was so important to see this movie and remember what was done to us and to never forget it. I think so too. As long as it is done well and with dignity.

We may disagree with how President Bush is fighting the war on terror, but I think at least we all agree that it is a war that needs to be fought.

I'm not sure if I will see this film though. I am an emotional person and I think it would upset me greatly. I don't need to be reminded. It was like it happened yesterday to me. But there are many people who do need to see it and then they need to ask themselves what should have been done if they don't agree with what has been done.