Friday, April 07, 2006

My Last Post on Kos, I promise!!!

I saw him on the Stephen Colbert show this morning (missed it last night). I have read transcripts from debates that Kos participated in, but I haven't seen him in person. First let me say that he is NOTHING like I imagined. (which could be said for many bloggers I suppose) I thought he would be brash and arrogant and he was not. He seemed very sweet and had a very nice smile. Not exactly macho, but there's nothing wrong with that.

I expected a lot of moonbattery but he stayed pretty focused on normal political stuff. He did seem a bit nervous, which I totally understand. I would be shaking probably. I feel sorry for most guests with Colbert because he is such a quick wit and always gets the laugh, but Kos did manage a couple of funny lines regarding taking notes from Stephen.

Kos has written a book about why the Democrats lose. I don't think a book needs to be written. It's quite simple. Democrats lose because they are wrong on most issues.