Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tell me a bit about yourself

Rather than try and fool you into thinking I'm a deep-thinker, I've decided to go the route of "blog-warming." That means, I'm not gonna give RWS any chance to think she can just let me do all the work, like some people. What really impresses me about this little corner of the blogohextraweb is the commenters. Youse guyse.

While it seems like I've gone from zero to pander in less than 2 seconds, I'm not. One of the reasons I got this gig in the first place was my keen ability to figure things out, and my ability to empathize with the peeps. Strangely enough, there's yet another one of those quiz-things going around that pretty much proved that:

The thing I tell people when they're writing their thesis or their entrance essays to college and the like, is to make a history of it. Show whoever is interviewing you that you have a master plan, and that you're already working on it. I have a simple way of putting it all together; start with an example of what you're doing now, where you hope to be someday, and how the job/degree/loan/whatever is just part of that plan. So too, am I doing that here.

Take the test. Find out about yourself. Then, maybe, you'll tell me a bit about yourself.

ADDED: My Personal Dna Report.

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