Saturday, November 20, 2004

Althletes and the people who don't like them.

I just saw the video of the fights in the Pacers and Pistons NBA game. I am truly SICK of the ego and irresponsibility of these athletes. Personally I think they should be thrown off the team. I know, I know, the money. They are just above it all because of the money they generate.

More personal stories. Before you know it, it is going to sound like I have had an pretty exciting life. Which, comparatively speaking, I guess it was. ANYWAY, I had a best friend in college that dated a well known football star at the University of Texas. We went to the game one day and then went back to his very lush apartment to wait for his greatness to arrive. She had rushed to the store and brought back tons of food and a case of beer. She told me that this is what he requires after the game. "Hmmmm.....I thought." So he comes in with a few of his fellow football players. If there were more egotistical big headed self involved jerks, they would have to be in Hollywood. Without so much of a thank you, he and his cavemen wolfed down the food and drank the beer and proceeded to assume that I and the other 2 girls with us were there for their express pleasure. I guess they figured we came with the food and beer. My friend Debbie made it clear that we were her friends and not football groupies. That didn't seem to matter. Before finally leaving totally disgusted, I had literally pushed 2 of them off of me and poured a glass of ice water over the head of another. (You do not want to know why)

A year later I dated an old boyfriend from high school who was a baseball player at Northeastern Louisiana University. I went to one party with him and his baseball buddies and they pretty much had the same...ummm....... demeanor.

I am not saying all athletes are like this. I know there are many wonderful guys for every one Kolbe Bryant. But this culture of glorifying our sports figures to the point of almost worshiping them is out of control. You can see it even in kid's sports. These parents think their little Johnny is gonna be in the big leagues and everyone, including little Johnny knows it.

I have 2 children who are very gifted athletes. I have no idea if they have what it takes to play in college or beyond. But this is the LAST dream I give them. I tell them I am proud of them. I tell them to keep doing their best. But the last thing I would want is to create this impossible dream in them that only one in a million achieve. And many of those you wouldn't want to live next door to, much less have as a family member. Yet I see parent after parent push this dream on their kids. The sports world, even on a elementary level, is too competitive, too obsessive, and too much. Period.