Thursday, July 02, 2009

"McCain Staff Leakers, Whomever You Are, Are Scum, Should Be Outed, And Should Never Get Another Job"

Melissa Clouthier said it perfectly in her post here.

It speaks ill of John McCain that his former aids continue to bash Sarah Palin. It speaks ill of John McCain that he did not vociferously and ardently defend his running mate as she did him, post election.

I have a reminder to the geniuses at the McCain camp: YOU LOST. BADLY.

Now, there’s all sorts of explanations as to why that happened, but I put the blame on the leader’s shoulders: John McCain’s. His message was all over the road. His methods stunk.

...... one of these guys paying the anonymous leaker to give Vanity Fair Palin-hating fodder. It’s a win-win-win! Destroy Sarah Palin for her 2012 rivals. Thin the field and put up those who have no chance of winning thus ensuring an Obama victory. Best of all, Vanity Fair can sell magazines using the image of the woman they hate.

Fine. The leaker should be ready to be outed. Be ready to be hunted down, exposed and be content to never work on a campaign again.

I could NOT agree more. Loyalty means something. This person is a snake. And by all accounts it is probably Steve Schmidt. CBS News has a hit job on her today with e-mails from him. He is oblivious to what was really going on out here in the real world regarding attacks on her, saying they were anecdotal and dismissing her concerns. So not only is he a snake, he is incompetent.

We all should make it VERY clear to any other Republican candidate out there, that we will not support you if you hire any of the McCain staff. Not only were they incompetent in their jobs, but they have no loyalty, no character. They were unaware of the obvious and they couldn't get a moderate experienced war hero elected against a rookie.

It's time for them to go get jobs at a post office or something.