Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Hate That Knows No Bounds

I was talking to Claver the other day on his radio show "The Christian Politician" on KCHN 1050am about some pictures some leftwing blog site had posted that had Sarah Palin holding Trig, her baby with Downs Syndrome, but Trig's face was photoshopped as an alien.

In all my years here in the blogosphere I have seen some serious hate from the left, but nothing comes close to the hatred and vile that spews forth when it comes to Sarah Palin. Everything that we love about, her devotion to her family, her pro-life values, her faith, and her strength, the left hates with a hate so deep, they feel no guilt in exposing their misogyny. The Huffington Post is one of those far left hate sites that poses as a more moderate one. Just recently they posted this lovely title. "Palin will Run '12 On More Retardation Platform." They took it down after complaints, but here is the screenshot.

When it comes to Palin, there is no line they will not cross, no depth they will not plunge. They make fun of her sexually. They make fun of her children. They make fun of her son's Down Syndrome. I've never seen anything like it before in politics.

I've said before that this country needs Sarah Palin, but we don't deserve her. I hope that she is given a national stage somehow. Maybe a TV show. As much as I would love to see her run for President (I would work for her fulltime with no pay with no problem, and I've NEVER felt that way about a politician before), I too am tired of this constant hate fest from the left. If she runs, it will get even worse. These people have no scruples, no conscience. They will dig and lie. They will repeat a lie until everyone believes it. They will continue to harass her children. I just don't want to see her family go through that any more.

I want her to be a voice, not a politician. I want her to speak to the American people about how much we have lost our way. I want her to go out there and show the American people that we are about fiscal restraint, limited government, stong defense, and strong moral values.

When 2012 comes around her endorsement of a candidate will be enormous. She can stump for him and we all know she brings in the crowds and can raise the money.

So I hope she makes the money she deserves with her book and speaking engagements, and she does what is right for her.

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