Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's Links and Things

The US is trailing a Nork ship which may or may not carry weapons they are barred from trading under U.N. resolution 1874. Yeah, those UN resolutions work so well. Boarding said ship would be an act of war... but so is shooting missiles at Hawaii or Japan. But does that matter? North Korea recently officially declared that the truce that has been in force for decades was off. Words like that have real consequences. We - we as in America and/or South Korea - may now resume the war and be perfectly legal and moral to do so, and that means we can board their ships with or without UN Resolutions. We are in a state of war with North Korea now, I say go ahead and board their ships and shoot down their ballistic missiles.

The Minneapolis government is spending over 200k to promote... tap water.

h/t Neals Nuze

The Washington Post actually has an article about the fawning coverage of Obama by the press.

Thanks to Samizdata for the link. Their perspective:

Apart from Fox, the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, a few niche publications like the American Spectator and the blogs, Mr Obama has had a remarkably easy ride and it does not seem to be ending soon. In part this is because much of the liberal media, even if some of its more intelligent denizens know that this is a bit silly, are playing as a "team" for Their Man, and don't want to be seeing doing anything that might help the other side.

There has always been, and always will be, slanted coverage of public affairs, and it will continue. Even if the BBC in the UK were scrapped tomorrow and its reporters sent off to planet Titan, the fact is that there will be a substantial block of leftish/liberal media types and pundits. But the sheer, jaw-dropping bias of the White House press corps is something to behold.

Does anyone watch Whale Wars on Animal Planet? Setting aside their ideology and intent to stop whaling, I have never seen such a collection of incompetants. The captain is a self-involved narcissist who hides in his cabin when things become difficult. The First Mate has no idea what he is doing and the crew are a gaggle of trust fund kiddies who have no training. One season the radar operator was a guy who spent three hours reading the manuel before they set sail. The entire series has the fascination of a train wreck in motion. Things break and no one knows how to fix it. If it were not for GPS and modern communications, I think they would have gotten themselves killed long ago. At least this season they have stopped showing the crew partying it up with drugs and alcohol every chance they get. In the end all they accomplish is to occasionally throw stink bombs at the Japanese who are too civilized to retaliate in kind.

Cause of the Day

Tea Parties are being organized for around July 4th to oppose socialized health care. On the home page of the Tea Party national site is this tidbit:

Government spending is filled with pork earmarks like this: The National Institutes of Health will pay $2.6 million in U.S. tax dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job.
'nuff said

Laugh of the Day

If spending your tax money to train Chinese prostitutes to drink wasn't funny enough. The city of Toronto photoshopped the cover to their Fun guide to show how inclusive they were. Bureaucrats should not be allowed copies of photoshop - it always ends badly. My favorite part is that they altered the fingers of the woman on the left to make them look like they were from the shopped man on the right who presumably has the longest arms in the world.