Friday, June 12, 2009

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, we as a country need you, but we don't deserve you.

Because of your conservative values and principles and the fact that you bring 10's of thousands of people out whenever you speak, the left is deathly afraid of you. You are number one on their hit list. Letterman is just the tip of the iceberg. They will not stop until they have made a joke out of you.

Any one of us would have quit long ago. We would have said that it isn't worth it. But you are standing strong. You are an incredible amazing woman.

Think about this. Has there ever been a time when comics or the left or the media made fun of a former candidate's children? Ever? No. Al Gore's son gets arrested for going 110 miles an hour with an assortment of drugs in the car, and we never hear a joke or peep about it from the comics. Joe Biden's 20 something year old daughter gets arrested for obstructing a police officer, and once in college she was arrested for possession of marijuana, and there is no joke there? The press and comics could not let go of the Bush twins partying because they ordered a margarita once while in college, when they were not yet 21, but while Clinton was President Chelsea Clinton partied and was photographed stone cold drunk passed out, and only the British press published stories and pictures. I don't remember one joke about Chelsea partying, and as you can see, see clearly did.

It is clear that the media, the left, and Hollywood will do whatever it takes to demean the politicians they hate. With Palin they lied about her banning books in the library in Alaska and they lied about her believing in creationism. They lied about her being a member of the Alaska Independence party and they lied about her cutting funding for Special Needs. And if you think those things were only said by the Internet rumor mill, think again. I personally saw Brian Williams of NBC news say these things one night the NBC nightly news.

What the left learned with Bush is that if you just keep saying the lie, and the comics keep telling jokes about the lie, and movies and documentaries are made about the lie, eventually the general population will accept it.

If anyone can take them on, it's Sarah Palin.

Pres. Bush endured years of movies, documentaries, comics, jokes, and commentators whose sole purpose it was to demean, degrade, and discredit our President, including his daughters. Pres. Bush never responded. That was his way.

But it's not Sarah Palin's way and I'm glad. It's time we stood up against this leftwing hate machine.

It's way past time.

By all measure, Sarah Palin has been an incredible Governor. Just recently she helped forge a deal between two rivals, TransCanada and Exxon Mobil, after a long-running battle over the construction of an Alaskan natural gas pipeline. They have agreed to work together. Her long list of accomplishments can be found here. But it's the little things that tell me who she is. When she became Governor, she let go of the Chef, because she said she could make the meals for her family. Can anyone see, say Pelosi or Hillary, doing such a thing? Of course not. She hunts and fishes. She has never had a nanny. She's owned a business. She runs marathons. She goes to Church. She is one of us in a way no other politician has been.

She believes in true liberty and freedom. She sees the danger of an overreaching government. She's a Christian, pro-life, pro-family values, pro-gun ownership, and she is woman. This is why the left hates her. This is why they are trying to destroy her.

I'll say it again, Sarah Palin, this country needs you, but we don't deserve you.