Monday, May 18, 2009

My Heavy Heart

I'm a positive person. I try not to let things get me down. But after listening to Obama's speech at Notre Dame, I have a heavy heart. It is a heart filled with sadness in how easily so many are fooled by pretty words.

They were certainly pretty words. Once again a pro-choicer asks for us to find common ground on abortion. I wonder if Obama would have wanted the segregationists to find common ground with those who wished to integrate. I imagine a speech Obama might have made when slavery was legal . He would have wanted slave owners to find common ground with the slaves. I mean, we couldn't make slavery illegal because that would effect the economy, and the supreme court has declared that blacks are not fully human, so we should just find common ground to compromise. Allow slavery, but find ways to make slavery less necessary. We should come together to change hearts about slavery.

This is why my heart is heavy. This man understands nothing. He talks of Catholic priests whose faith he admires, yet ignores the core of where our faith comes from.

Bill Clinton talked the same way about abortion. It was all about reducing abortions and helping women in crisis pregnancies (which pro-life groups already do), but no mention of the children who will never see a sunrise, will never run and play, will never experience life on this earth because their life was brutally taken in abortion.

Common ground? How do we find common ground on taking innocent life? We can no more do that than we could find common ground on slavery. Slavery couldn't be tolerated because it took away the dignity and sanctity of human life, just as abortion does.

Pres. Obama says all the right words. It all sounds so reasonable. But deaths of unborn children is just never reasonable, which is why the children are never mentioned in Obama's flowery speech.

Shame on Notre Dame, Shame on Father Jenkins, and shame on all Catholics there who compromised their faith to honor a man who dishonors our beliefs.

I have a heavy heart for how easily we are fooled by charismatic men who talk of God, but only lead us farther away from Him.