Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Rightwing Extremists

I'm very disappointed in you. In the more than 800 Tea Party Protests across this country and the 250,000 of you that showed up, not ONE of you rolled a car, burned some flags, or broke bank windows.

Do you guys not know what the word "extremism" means?

All I saw were families and hardworking Americans enjoying themselves. If we are going to be extremists we have to GOT to step up our game.

Ok, seriously. The DHS report that sees people like me as extremists can be read here.

If you don't see the full implication of this, please read Judge Andrew Napolitano's article about this here.

The DHS has now apologized to the "disgruntled" veterans for their being in the report. They have not apologized to people like us, pro-lifers, gun right advocates, and opponents of illegal immigration.

Now we might not be the kind that rolls cars and mails bomb threats, but we do know how to pick up a phone and/or e-mail our disgust at this.

So call the Department of Homeland Security tell them how you feel about the government targeting innocent Americans and tell them to pull the report.

Here’s the DHS comment line: 202-282-8495.

If the comment line is full then call the operator number: 202-282-8000.

Email your Senators and Congressmen and demand that the entire document be declassified and discarded. In addition, there needs to be an official Congressional investigation into the document’s origin and those at the DHS responsible need to be fired. Contact info for all 100 Senators here.

Contact info for Congress here

It's fine to joke about this among ourselves because of how ridiculous it is, but as you read the Judge's report you understand how really serious it is. So pick up the phone. Now.