Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Although I focus on politics on this blog, I think it is clear from my writing what my faith means to me, which is everything. I remember a friend in college thought the whole idea of Christianity was silly. A son of God born to a Virgin? To save us? To forgive our sins? Ridiculous. She told me to think about the "sense" of it. But I told her, it's about experience and love. It isn't just a belief, I explained, It's what I have known, experienced, and know to be true. It comes from a relationship based on the most profound love. Once you have felt the hand of God in yours, then faith is easy. And it literally changes everything.
My Christmas wish for everyone reading this is that you find that hand. It never lets go, it never disappoints, it never wavers. Even in your darkest moments, He brings us light. Life is hard. God's love is easy.
Merry Christmas my friends. Thanks for visiting this blog.