Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin Is Amazing...

Yesterday I created a web page for people to write letters or notes in support of Gov. Palin. After all the attacks and smears she had experienced in the last five day, I thought she might need to read about the support she has across America.

Go read some of the letters. They are wonderful and touching.

But I realize now that Sarah Palin didn't need support. This lady rocked the house, she rocked the T.V., She rocked the country.

She hit Obama hard on the things where he is weak.

She proved that she is MORE than able and experienced to be the Vice President.

She was a breath of fresh air. She was like a cool breeze in a hot humid room.

She represents all of us who are sick of Washington politics, high taxes, wasteful spending, and elitist thinking.

She's perfect for us. She said the right things. She didn't hold back...and let's face it... She kicked ass.

She just did.

I'm thinking the Obama camp is scrambling. They thought they could scare us into letting her go.

But this woman is a fighter on our side. A fighter who isn't afraid of a fight. She isn't afraid of their smears. She isn't afraid of the powerful. She isn't afraid to speak the truth.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you watched Sarah Palin's speech tonight, then you got a good first look at our next Vice President.

History will be made, just not the way the Democrats thought it would.

Transcript of the speech here.