Monday, August 20, 2007

Glenn Beck, The Redeemed.

I admit, I am sucker for someone who has "turned it all around." That person who has redeemed himself from the slime he was before. It's so easy to go down the wrong path. It's so easy to give into our baser instincts and desires. I think our world is proof enough of that, but it takes guts to stop, look around, and wonder what the hell happened to the good person you once were.

Everyone I have ever known like this, has become, not just a better person, but a spectacular person. But the effort almost has to be superhuman. This is why I love Glenn Beck. He has been through the self made fire and come out on the other side a wonderful human being. GQ has an article on him for it's Sept. issue if you want to read more about him.

If you don't know, Glenn Beck has a radio show. The third most popular after Rush and Hannity. He has a TV show now on CNN, which is the fasting growing cable show in cable news. And CNN has taken such grief from the left about it, I have to express admiration for them to stick with Glenn.

If you haven't heard of Beck, then you have missed what is, in my opinion, the funniest and most insightful hours of radio programing anywhere, anytime. He is much funnier than Rush and much more compassionate than Hannity. I notice on his TV show that he isn't as funny. Maybe because he can't get away with the irreverent humor he can on radio, but his show is much better than Hannity's imo.

When I started listening to Beck in the car, he would make me laugh so hard I almost had to pull off the road sometimes. But there was something else. He had a soft heart. He spoke about his mother's suicide, his life of addictions, and his divorce with such sorrow and such determination to make his life different and better. I was riveted. As Beck started toward a new life, blessings started to happen for him. A new love, more beautiful children and an astonishing career. I have never disagreed with him on an issue, even the one's where we differ from our conservative counterparts, such as the death penalty. But I have to admit that Beck's attention to the Islamic fanatics threat just plain scares me. Here is a snippet from the article:

"He is earnestly convinced that America is on the brink of another Holocaust, and the choice is clear: Confront radical Islam or repeat 1930s Europe’s sins of apathy and appeasement."

I know many of you feel the same way. And of course I think we must confront radical Islam, but on the brink of another Holocaust?? If that is true, then we sit here, in America, as ignorant as many of the Germans were during the Holocaust.

I am just not ready to accept that yet. This one time, I hope that I am right and Beck is wrong.

What makes Beck so much better than Rush or Hannity is that he has no ego. He sees himself as somehow blessed by none of his own doing. His past and his mistakes are a part of him and he never lets us forget how flawed he is. His message always seems to be that if he can overcome, then anyone can overcome. We all have the capacity for greatness and goodness.

GQ's article is titled " Is Glenn Beck The Most Annoying Man On TV?" Which is the completely wrong question. Is he the most amazing man on TV? I think so.