Saturday, September 08, 2007

Southern Decadence

I finally edited the tape Greta ( and I made in New Orleans during the "Southern Decadence Festival" (see way gay) over Labor Day weekend. OMG! We had such fun. DISCLAIMERS: This is in no way a serious v-blog, I don't know how to edit, the audio is horrible, and the hosts are tipsy. Any inappropriate question you hear off camera is GRETA. She is hilarious and I don't know why someone didn't just hit her. "Do you do girls too?" Was one of her questions for the gays for example.

We were trying to ask them about the whole Craig thing and the rebuilding of New Orleans since that was the hot topics last week. But the only serious answer we got was from a straight cute bartender at the beginning. WARNING: If you are gayphobic in any way, do not watch this video. My final look into the camera just as the battery died pretty much sums up the whole thing.