Monday, June 19, 2006

Gore refuses to endorse Lieberman...

Interviewed on Bloomberg TV, Al Gore refused to endorse his former vice presidential running mate, Sen. Joe Lieberman (C-CT), in his re-election race.

Said Gore: "I am not involved. I typically do not get involved in Democratic primaries. Joe is my close friend, Joe and Hadassah are close to Tipper and me and it would be very difficult for me to ever oppose him. But I don't get involved in primaries typically. He's a great guy and he's right on a lot of other issues."

Of course, Gore did get involved in the 2004 Democratic presidential primaries and backed Howard Dean over Lieberman.

Update: Political Wire has learned that former Connecticut Democratic party chairman George Jepsen is endorsing Lieberman's primary challenger, Ned Lamont, in a press conference this afternoon.

Ouch. That has to hurt. His former running mate for President/Vice President won't endorse him and isn't even honest about why.