Sunday, December 02, 2007

Romney will address the Mormon issue

From the AP:

Romney will deliver a speech called "Faith in America" at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas, on Thursday, outlining his religious beliefs and how they might impact his administration.

The thing that ticks me off is that journalists feel free to ask personal religious questions to candidates like Romney, Huckabee, or McCain, but never seem to find that same curiosity when questioning the Democratic candidates. Even though Obama and Hillary regularly speak at Churches touting their faith.

I can guarentee you that if Romney gets the nomination reporters will ask all kinds of questions about Mormonism, but Obama or Hillary will never be asked questions about their faith.

I don't think Romney needs to explain anything about his faith. I don't think most people care one way or another, and the ones who have decided that it's a "cult," will not have their minds changed. But there is a difference between explaining his faith and discussing his faith. It's always nice for someone to talk about his beliefs and what they mean to him. I hope Romney will be discussing and not explaining.

The only thing that bothers me about candidates is when they claim faith, but live in a such a way that is hypocritical to that faith (see Rudy and the Clintons). But that is clearly not the case with Romney. He lives his faith.

I noticed in the YouTube debate that he didn't seem comfortable discussing religion. My feeling is that comes from a northeast mentality where faith is very personal and not discussed in a political forum.

In the South, people and candidates tend to embrace their faith as a big part of who they are. They freely discuss it. Romney needs to understand this a bit more before South Carolina.