Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Prejudice is a problem

People in politics are well aware of "whispering" campaigns. They are things said under the radar that opponents hope will gain traction and ruin a candidate's chance at the nomination.

In a sense, there is a "whispering" campaign going on with Obama and Romney, but not by political opponents. I have longed been concerned about bias against Romney because of his Mormonism. I was shocked when asking many people I knew if they liked Romney, and they stated that they could never vote for a Mormon.

Likewise, I was surprised by the Democrats I knew who said that they supported Hillary over Obama, not because they liked her better, but because they did not believe that a black man could win the Presidency and they wanted to win.

So we are here in 2007 still letting prejudice, instead of character define who we want to lead this country.