Monday, December 03, 2007

The Gay Police

The young man above is Ben Johnson, the state chairman of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans. The Gay Police decided that their gaydar caught him speeding in the stereotype lane and proceeded to issue tickets.

Got to love the gay humor over at Wonkette.

All this tolerance being thrown around on the left side of the web caused Ben to write a letter to college Republicans to set the record straight (so to speak). He's not gay and he is much to young to realize how venomous the left side is, seeing how he is taking it in stride. I don't think he realizes that they are probably going through his garbage as I write, looking for ManLove magazine. He just leaves this little dig:

On a small side note, I find it strange that the ever so tolerant and accepting-of-all-lifestyles-Left have no problems calling me every gay-bashing offensive name in the book. Guess it just goes to prove that nothing is offensive or intolerant so long as your insulting a Republican. But none of it bothers me. If I am not hated by the Democrats, I am not doing my job.

Maybe he does understand the mentality over there.