Sunday, December 02, 2007

Is a Vote For Huckabee a Vote for Rudy?

I think so.

From The Telegraph:

Rudolph Giuliani, the Republican frontrunner, and Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor now surging up the party’s rankings, are pursuing an unofficial non-aggression pact as they try to knock rivals out of the race for the presidential nomination.


Advisors to Mr Giuliani told The Sunday Telegraph that they were deliberately refraining from public criticism of Mr Huckabee, despite his increasing popularity, in the hope that he can derail their mutual rivals, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

I can see why Rudy is refraining from public criticism, but why would Huckabee refrain from bashing Rudy? Could it be a V.P spot that is mentioned in the article?

If it is, then that makes me sick. It would show me that Huckabee is more interested in power than in doing what is right.

Do they think that Huckabee on a Giuliani ticket would "religion" it up? Would Huckabee make the Rudy nomination easier to swallow for religious conservatives?

It would only make me lose all respect for Huckabee.