Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Candidates Update

Huckabee doesn't know what NIE is or it's update on Iran.

Good Morning America will have a story on Huckabee freeing a murderer.

Romney still strong in New Hampshire, but he forgot to fire the company who hired illegals from last year. Here is what Hugh Hewitt has to say about that:

The illegal immigrant yard worker story is of zero consequence to voters. Romney's 60 and on the road running for president. Ann Romney's on the campaign trail as well.. The kids are grown and gone. Romney ordered the company not to employ illegals. It did so anyway and he fired the company when informed of it. Trying to make that a big story is simply laughable, and the fact that the Globe staked out the Romney home for three months tells a lot of center-right voters just how invested in beating Romney the left wing agenda journalists at the Globe --and elsewhere-- are.

That isn't his biggest problem. It seems there is more political bias against Mormons than blacks or women.

Fred Thompson doesn't have confidence in our intelligence capabilities.