Sunday, December 02, 2007

Must. Banish. Mental. Image.

Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton, speaking at Bettendorf, Iowa, trying to Iowans to caucus for her, explained to the crowd that she wants to be with them so that she can win Iowa in November 2008.
"I want a long term relationship," she said. "I don't want to just have a one night stand with all of you."

Also, in a very telling statement about Hillary: (emphasis mine)

"I have been for months on the receiving end of rather consistent attacks -- but now the fun part starts," Clinton said.

The fun part?? She just can't wait to attack. She lives for it.

"We're into the last month and we're going to start drawing blood (ok, I made the blood part up, she said "the contrast," but we all know that's what she meant) because I want every Iowan to have accurate information when they make their decisions."

Obama didn't let the fun part go either:

"This presidential campaign isn't about attacking people for fun," Obama's statement said, "it's about solving people's problems, like ending this war and creating a universal health care system. Washington insiders might think throwing mud is fun, but the American people are looking for leadership that can unite this country around a common purpose, and that's what I'll continue to offer in this campaign."

I think Obama is finally understanding what he is up against.