Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oprah says "Barack Obama is the one"

If you didn't watch her speech to introduce Obama in Iowa, you missed one hell of a speech. Oprah became a star because she knows what to say and how to say it. Her speech was inspiring and heartfelt. Women love Oprah because she is sincere and funny and down to earth. She even has the guts to say that she had voted for as many Republicans as she had Democrats. She believes in Obama, there is no doubt about that.

I'm not a fan of Oprah for many reasons, but I understand why millions of women love her. She's good. And she probably did more good for Obama in that one speech than in all the other campaigning he has done.

But then Obama spoke.

As you have seen here, I root for Obama for the Democratic nomination. Not because I want him to be President, I surely do not. He may be charismatic and smart, but he is as wrong on the issues as anyone can be.

But, a part of me is proud to see a black man being looked at seriously for President. I watched my parent's and my generation (both white and black) change everything for the black community. I watched the black community go from not being able to drink at the same water fountain as their fellow white Americans to this. To see a black American running for President and being a real contender, is heartwarming to me. I can't help it. And on top of that, he is running against the most corrupt political machine to ever grace the Democratic party, the Clintons. He may be wrong on the issues, but he is honest.

I admit it. I want him to win this nomination. Not only because it may make the Clintons go away for good, but because it is time for black Americans to understand that they have a stake in Presidential politics. Unlike Andrew Young, I dont believe Bill Clinton is as black as Obama. And I don't think most blacks believe that.

I wish Obama saw the real threat of terrorism. I wish he could see the good we have done in the Middle East. I wish he could understand the burden of being overtaxed. I wish he could care for the most vulnerable of our society, the unborn. I wish he could see the disaster universal healthcare would be.

I wish he was Republican.

No, Oprah, Obama is not the one to be President, but he may be the one to stop the Clintons.

And that may be the higher purpose he was born for.