Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bill Clinton is every bit as black as Obama

This. Is. Appalling.

Andrew Young wants Obama to be 2016. Why? Well, he says Bill Clinton is every bit as black as Obama, and if I hear him correctly on this tape, he says that Bill has "had more black women than Obama." Then he says "I'm just clowning." Riiight. How is Bill just as black? He suggested a "soul train" dance once and moonwalked while Hillary hiked up her skirt above her knees and boogied too. (I'm so sure) But the last bit in the clip is probably what is most disgusting. He thinks Hillary will be the one who stands up for black folk because look what she did with Bill. When all the bimbo eruptions were happening with Bill, she had her staff stifle them. Now that is standing by your man, according to Young. And if she can stand by her lying cheating husband, then how much more will she stand by the black folk?

Good grief.

via HotAir