Thursday, December 06, 2007

God Bless the Candidate

Allah and the rest over at HotAir are horrified at Huckabee's recent talk of giving prayer and God credit for his recent rise in the polls.

Huckabee can credit God, but I blame libertarian type Republicans. The Southpark Republicans. It was Rudy all the way with them. They kept Rudy up in the polls and sang his praises every chance they got. The truth was that Rudy was as liberal as Hillary on social issues and that was unacceptable to religious conservatives. But since when did Southpark Republicans care about religious conservatives?

How did they expect the evangelical community to react? Rudy was as far left to them as Huckabee is as far religious right to the Southpark Republicans. Do you feel uncomfortable with Huckabee's talk of God and prayer? Well welcome to our world. This is how we felt every time Rudy opened his mouth.

Huckabee is, in my opinion, the religious right's way of saying "You try and push onto us a cheater, pro-gay rights, pro-abortion liberal and we will give you back what you don't feel comfortable with either, a praying, praising, evangelical Baptist minister. How does it feel to be on the receiving end guys???"

So it's time for us to stop bickering and fighting. It's time to forget the liberal Rudy and the evangelical Huckabee, and agree on someone who please us both in most ways. We are lucky to have three candidates that both sides of the Republican party can vote for in good conscience. Romney, McCain, and Thompson. None of them are perfect. No one ever will be. But they can bring us together. So let's decide. There is a storm coming named Hillary and we need our back up and our candidate strong with all of us behind him.

Let's get to it.