Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Difference Between Michelle Malkin and Most of Us

Yes, she is young and beautiful, but that isn't what I am talking about.

I was watching Michelle on Fox News yesterday discussing the CNN/YouTube debate and the questioners that were plants and it occurred to me that the one word to describe her is tenacious.

Whereas most of us get angry/disgusted/frustrated over the MSM's bias and sometimes outright lies to the American people, we don't do much about it.

Michelle does.
She has a pit bill mentality when it comes to lies. She will not let go until Cable news at least acknowledges the error.

Sometimes I watch her on the news and just smile. She sits there all petite and pretty but just simmering with indignation.

How many stories over these past few years has she hammered and hammered until finally, the news network picked them? Too many to count.

I think of Michelle as our watchdog. No one is getting past her. Don't even try. She never backs down. She will dig and dig into a story until the truth is finally uncovered.

I realized that I feel better about politics with Michelle out there. I can rest in the knowledge that the left can no longer get away with lies, spin, and subterfuge.

Cheers to our beautiful watchdog.