Monday, October 20, 2008

Voting Rocks!

(I finally got my McCain/Palin t-shirt that I ordered weeks ago!)

I was so excited to vote for McCain/Palin I had to go out on the first morning of early voting here in Texas and vote! I had to stand in line for 45 minutes. I just loved looking down that long line and seeing people, young and old, all shapes, sizes, and colors waiting to vote. I feel such pride on election day. We are so blessed as a nation with this privilege.

As we stood in line everyone chatted. It was very friendly and no one talked about who they were voting for. A car drove by and an old woman shouted, Go Obama!" and everyone laughed.

I have such respect and appreciation for voting and that is why the voter fraud thing just makes my blood boil. Some of us did talk about that and of course, everyone agreed that it was terrible.

So, go vote early, if you can. Every voice should be heard. Exercise your right. It rocks.