Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Obama

You gotta love how the left is all excited about Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama, when just a few years ago he was not so beloved by the left and the media.

The Nation: (Ironically, this piece is titled "The Power of Audacity.")

It's quite a trick: Lie to the American people and then fall back on the fact that they bought the lies to demonstrate that truth really doesn't matter anyway. It is in this and only this Alice-in-Wonderland universe that a dishonest propagandist like Colin Powell may be considered an "internationalist," a "moderate" and, sadly, a "man of honor."

The New York Times:

The famous hardheaded definition of war is ''the continuation of politics by other means.'' In the real world, though, war is the failure of politics. This war -- undertaken at such cost to America's own interests -- is specifically a failure of Colin Powell's politics.

From Shadowphantoms:

No, not the guy shilling for Bush. I'm talking about the original Colin Powell. The one most of us used to respect. Remember the guy who used to work for Reagan, then wouldn't tell us what party he belonged to, and thought about running for President? He would have forced the Democrats to actually work for the Black vote (wouldn't that be a step in the right direction?) Remember the day he held the press conference to announce that he wasn't going to run, and CNN carried it live? It was as if he mattered. And then he stopped mattering.

I used to be a Democratic Committeeman, but there was a time when I would have changed my voter registration to Republican to go to the wall for Colin Powell. That time has long passed. I'm not even willing to watch Colin Powell on television nowadays, because I do not want to listen to him lie to me anymore.

From It's Just Common Sense:

Colin Powell, the current Secretary of State of the US is the highest ranking African American in the history of our country. His appointment and tenure should be a cause for celebration in our still incomplete journey as a nation, and as a world, towards racial equality. Yet, during his time in office, he has become a man forced to degrade and humiliate himself. We have witnessed Mr Powell's compromise of his own beliefs and integrity, as he was forced not only to silence himself with respect to what he knew was the truth about Iraq, but to repeat and fortify clear falsehoods.

From Random Thinking:

Is he afraid of what he might see and hear and then not be able to live with himself for parroting the lies he's programmed with from Bush & Co.

From Kos:

No one person more tarnished his legacy the last four years than Colin Powell.
His integrity resigned in the runup to Bush's War. Nice to see the rest of him follow suit.

Compare that to today on Kos:

With eloquence and humility, Former Secretary of State and retired General Colin Powell just provided a ringing endosement of Barack Obama as President for the United States.

Wow. One endorsement and you go from liar to eloquence.

I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. I remember when Colin Powell was being pushed to run for President. I would not have supported him, and I said that then, because he is pro-choice.

This is a man who believed in the Iraq war. This is a man who believes in Republican issues on economics and war. So why would he endorse Obama?

I think we all know the answer to that. It's ethnic pride. And I understand it, I really do. Especially after Palin was picked and I felt such a rush that a woman just like me could be our Vice President.

But let's not pretend it is anything but that.