Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clothes and Shoes!

The left and the media are going ga ga over how much Palin has spent on clothes, hair, and shoes. I gotta wonder how much Hillary spent because her hair and makeup were fabulous during the primaries. But the media isn't interested in investigating anything to do with Democrats, so you can forget ever finding that out.

I wonder what we would find out about Bill Ayers or Rev.Wright if the press investigated them like they did Joe the Plumber? I mean, I don't remember any voting or tax records about them. Does Rev. Wright have a degree/certificate to preach? What does black liberation theology require anyway? Did Bill Ayers really finish his degrees in able to be a full professor? The world will never know. But we do know all about Joe the Plumber who asked a simple question of Obama.

Just some thoughts. But I digress.

So, instead of investigating voter fraud with ACORN, the Sun Times photographs Palin's clothes and specifically her shoes. Now, maybe they're on to something because if you don't think shoes resonate with women, you don't know women.

One of my Cotillion girls, Fausta, is all about Palin's shoes. Check it out.

But, while I was looking at my girl Sarah looking so fly, I noticed this picture.

I thought, "what a cute red bag." And then I saw the little bottle nipple peeking out of the side pocket and I realized it was a diaper bag! I thought, "Can you believe this? We have a women running for Vice President who is carrying around a diaper bag."

I'm telling you. I love her more every day.