Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Uncle Abdul, your squeezable suicide bomber.

This satirical suicide bomber character from the Seamour Sheep comic strip series will soon be available as a designer vinyl figure, produced by Crazy Label.We hope that the release of the Uncle Abdul figure will help to ironize the act of suicide bombing and acts of violence in general. In our humble opinion no subject should be an absolute taboo that is free from any satire, because satire is not only meant to make people laugh, but sometimes also to wake them up and make them think and discuss.The photograph shows the first hand-painted Uncle Abdul toy prototype being saluted by the very rare red-nosed edition of his nephew Marty Mole.

Exactly what are we suppose to "wake up" about? That suicide bombers are insane (I think we got that) and we shouldn't make toys out of them?

via boing boing