Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anti-Americans cont...

I just caught this at BuzzMachine:

I go to the World Trade Center on September 11 to remember. I say that others go to graves to pay tribute. I go to the place that did not become my grave to pay thanks. But it is becoming harder every year. That’s not because of the memories, which do indeed lost their sharpness and volume.

It’s because of the assholes standing outside the PATH station now: the 9/11 nutjobs, the 21st-century Holocaust deniers who exploit the day and its sacred memory to spread their poison and get on TV — and TV happily conspires with them to do that. How some people can be so starved for attention to do this is beyond me.

Click on the link to view some video he took. It's so idiotic. It's easy to make fun of these people. But when I read how this stupidity affects those in NYC who feel what we all should feel, (and most do) which is a profound sadness for all we lost that day, I just get angry at those who don't understand what this day must be about. To pay tribute to those who gave their lives to save others. To pay tribute to those who lost their lives in a senseless insane act.