Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Mashup!

All eight Democratic contenders participated in a "mashup" interview for an online candidates' forum sponsored by Yahoo!, Slate Magazine and the Huffington Post including Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, and Mike Gravel. As you might imagine, there weren't any hard hitting questions.
I was glad to be able to read it because I can't bear to watch the Democratic debates.

It was pretty much what you would expect. Hillary talks healthcare plan (I can't wait!). She gets indignant at the notion that she is swayed by big time lobbyist money.

All the candidates generally defended Petraeus against the ad. You know they had to be gritting their teeth on that one. Except for Edwards, who didn't even know what the ad said. (riiiight)

In an interesting moment of candor, Mike Gravel said Americans are getting fatter and dumber.

Edwards said he would retreat from the war completely in 9 months. Every American would be legally required to have health care and free college education for everyone! Free cookies too! He says we must all conserve energy in our home and cars. So he's going to keep the air down on about 5000 square feet of his 10,000 square foot mansion (and other homes) and make the limo drivers keep the air on low. (Ok, I made the last part up, and the cookies as well)

Obama said that early childhood education should begin for a "at risk" child when they are born. I am not kidding.
Let's see. At my youngest child's nice suburban school, there is not only free breakfast and lunch for the poor, but "discounted" breakfast and lunch (about $1.50) for anyone. That's right. I see the parents going in the line to get food in the morning. I suppose Obama would have a fully staffed "nursery school" right off the cafeteria. Between that, free pre-school, and after school care, why don't we just go ahead and throw up some cots and call it an orphanage already.
FREE COOKIES for everyone. Except we all know, it's not free. It's just paid for by me and you.