Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I say Petraeus, you say Betray us....

Did we really think that Petraeus testifying before Congress would change any one's mind?

The left calls the General a traitor and a GOP operative. Nothing the General would have said would have changed their minds or made them happy or even think more about it, unless he had proposed an immediate withdrawal of all troops.

The right was hoping for the best. But not for Bush's sake, but for the sake of establishing a place in the middle east that does not harbor terrorists and is a friend to the U.S. By all accounts the surge seems to be working. It's clear that Iran is just waiting with bated breath for us to leave so they can take control of the region. We cannot let that happen.

But the reasonable left have a right to question how long this will go on. I wonder as well. But when it comes to war, one has to trust those leading it. If we don't, then why have military leaders at all?

The report was certainly not glowing on the situation in Iraq. It had honest assessments of what hasn't worked. And from everything that I have read about Petraeus, on both the left and right in leadership positions, he is an impressive respected leader.

Bush promised that he would let boots on the ground run this war and not Washington. Which is exactly what he is doing. He is adopting Petraeus's recommendations.

Minds haven't changed, but this war is being fought whether we like it or not.

On the plus side, Iraqi's welcome Petraeus approach.