Thursday, January 29, 2009

This pretty much explains everything

Michael G. Franc over at NRO breaks down a Jan. 17-18th Rasmussen Poll:

Overall, given the choice between more government services and higher taxes, or fewer services and lower taxes, likely voters opt for the limited government/low tax option by the comfortable margin of 61% to 25%. That’s pretty much where Americans have been for some time now.

But when you break down the numbers between liberals, conservatives, and moderates you get the picture of why Democrats love this big bloated spending (stimulus) bill and no Republicans did.

Liberals that want "more govt/higher taxes" is at 53%. "Less govt/lower taxes" is at 34%.

Conservatives that want "more govt/higher taxes" is at a tiny 7%. "Less govt/lower taxes" is at a whopping 83%

Moderates come in with 28% wanting "more govt/higher taxes" and 54% wanting "less govt/lower taxes."

What explains the astonishing 34% of liberals for less govt? That answer is interesting:

..... the 3-point edge among Democrats for bigger government and higher taxes is considerably smaller than the 19-point margin among liberals. Why? African-Americans, almost all of whom are Democrats and who presumably comprise a significant portion of the Democratic sample, favor smaller government and lower taxes by a wide margin, 53% to only 22%. White Democrats, in other words, resemble liberals in their fealty to big government while African-Americans take on a more conservative hue.

I keep saying that our message is not getting out there. It isn't.