Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama and Rush

I am busy busy today finishing up some Doctor stuff with my son's surgery and other things (I still haven't DL the video from the rally for Life, but I will!). But I felt a need to address Obama telling Republicans to stop listening to Rush if they want to get things done.

Anyone who actually listens to Rush must have laughed as hard at that as I did. Republicans in Congress NEVER listen to Rush. The idea is so absurd, it just illustrates how Obama and the rest of the left know NOTHING about what Rush talks about. They only know the out of context soundbites the media feeds them. That's it.

For years now I have had leftwing commenters bring up something Rush said or did, and not in one instant were they right. I just read a comment in the posts below that perfectly illustrates this. They are now jumping on Rush saying he "hoped Obama failed." This is so typical of the left and the media to jump on one sentence and blow it out of proportion. Rush explained that day and on many subsequent days and in his Hannity interview, that he wished that the policies that Obama hoped to implement would fail. Like govt universal health care, signing FOCA and a host of other things. I hope those things fail too. I would hope that Obama would be more of a uniter and not fail as a President, but everything that he has said he believes in goes against what I believe in. Why would I want those policies to succeed? Of course I wouldn't and neither would Rush. Because that socialistic vision is a disaster for the country. But the left takes that one sentence and runs with it. So typical.

In every instance that I have argued with people about what Rush has said or done, they have never been correct in what he actually said. Not once. These people never listen to Rush. Never. Obama has never listened to Rush.

McCain was the LAST person Rush wanted to see run for the Republican nominee this election cycle. He never liked McCain and he barely got on board at all, except that he knew how much worst Obama would be. So to say that Republicans listen to Rush is utter nonsense. I WISH they did.

Now, Rush is a conservative talk show host. He is very very good at what he does. But he is at heart, an entertainer. For the President to even bring him up in matters of debate and national interest seems ridiculous to me. I'm sure Rush is loving it, since it just brings him more ratings and more money, but Obama should have known better and it shows a lack of judgement on his part.