Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Is What Victory Looks Like

Today President Obama made a brief statement regarding the provincial elections in Iraq today. The first in the post-Saddam era. Obama had this to say in part:

"It is a great day today in the Middle East and specifically in Iraq. A country, that a short time ago was suffering under the tyranny of a brutal dictatorship, is now able to hold peaceful and legitimate elections. In addition, 4ooo women who never dreamed of voting in an election, are not only voting, but running for office themselves. Sunni Muslims who boycotted the last polls, turned out in strong numbers today, illustrating a course of true Democracy where every voice is heard. Turning a page in history, we see a true democracy developing before us. This is what victory looks like."

Ok, just kidding. Obama didn't say any such thing.

Did I have you there? Even for a second?

Who am I kidding? You didn't believe it for a second, did you? We all know no Democrat, and especially Pres. Obama, will ever acknowledge the incredible change in Iraq that our military fought and died so valiantly for. A Democracy where none thought possible.

President Obama may never give credit where credit is due, but we can. Thank you President Bush, and thank you to the mighty force of the United States, our military.

*my title post is stolen from the last line of Ed's post at HotAir.