Monday, January 26, 2009

Michael Steele for RNC Chairman!

From Hip Hop Republican:

Baltimore Sun: Steele has a shot at the GOP Chairmanship

We learned this weekend that a number of RNC delegates are uncommitted and leaning toward Michael Steele. I am asking you to take 3 minutes to find your state in the list below, click the link and write a quick message to encourage support for Michael.

Alaska -
District of Columbia -
Hawaii -
Kansas -
Massachusetts -
Missouri -
Nebraska -
Nevada -
New Mexico -
North Dakota -
Ohio - Ohio -
Oklahoma -
South Dakota -
Wyoming -

Please keep these points in mind when you write your message:

Emphasize that you are a Republican in the delegate's home state

Be courteous and respectfulProvide your name and e-mail address so delegates can respond

Be courteous and respectful

Advocate for support for Michael Steele - not against other candidates for RNC Chair

Be courteous and respectful

Thank you,

The Support Michael Steele Coalition