Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a typical lib flying to the Sundance Film Festival

You guys know by now I have an unhealthy obsession with Not only because they are equal opportunity political bashers and funny as hell, but the commenters are hilarious. Get this story:

Sheila Nevins, HBO documentary films president and overall entertainment industry big shot, was very mad she couldn't watch Obama's inauguration live from her first class airplane seat. But were the cops and lawyers necessary?

Nevins and her husband, Sidney Koch, booked first class Delta seats and were headed to Sundance when Obama was scheduled to speak. But Delta told them they could watch the speech in the air! Then, tragedy:

But shortly after takeoff, many of the television monitors in first class failed, including Ms. Nevins’ monitor, [their attorney] said...
“Sidney had been watching Obama’s speech and a couple times when President Obama was speaking, the airplane pilot made a public address interrupting Obama’s speech,” said Jean Frost, an assistant executive director at the Directors Guild, who was also in first class. “Sidney got very upset at that happening and went to talk to the stewardess.”

Ms. Frost said that Mr. Koch eventually admitted he lost his temper, for which he apologized.

Haha, but the flight crew was like f**k that, and they had Port Authority police officers waiting for the "verbally abusive" Nevins and Koch, and when they arrived they were detained and questioned! Then they were released, but now they might sue Delta & Co. for being so mean and calling the cops.

Next time maybe watch the speech at home if you really want to see it?

The best of the commenters:

Oh don't worry Mr. Koch I'm sure the overworked and underpaid flight attendant totally deserved to be bitched out by you for something that was completely out of her control. Sleep easy.

This is why Republicans want tort reform and litigation limitations.

Mr. Koch,The part of the innugural address you missed was when President Obama said we need to put away chidish things and stop being a douche to people.

So, too bad if the pilot wanted to warn passengers about turbulence, geese or any important sh*t like that. He really needed to keep a lid on it till the speech was over. And why didn't the pilot personally come from the cockpit to fix those monitors? Didn't Delta know who she was?
Doesn't sound like customer service to me. Hmmph.