Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm so ballsy

Really. I was in on a blogger conference call with Sen. John Cornyn this morning and during the question period I gave him some advice about the stimulus bill and Obama.

I'm sure he was taking notes. He probably wrote to his assistant, "Now, who is this chick?"

Anyway, He was talking about how Obama was making nice nice with Republicans trying to give the appearance of being bi-partisan when the Republicans were pretty much shut out of the process of this bill.

I told him that blaming or bashing Pres. Obama at this point would only backfire. I told him they should put the blame where it belongs, on Pelosi and the Demcrats. I told him that the feeling out here in the conservative blogosphere is that some Republicans will cave and vote for this gigantic boondogle. I said that if he and the other Republicans honestly felt that this bill would not stimulate the economy, then they should, without reservation, vote no.

He agreed. Heh.