Thursday, October 25, 2007


Actually this is just a discussion between Peter Beinert editor at large at TNR and Jonah Goldberg editor at large at NRO about Hillary bashing and political bashing in general.

While I'm watching this, my oldest asks me what I'm watching. I explain. And he says, "You enjoy this?" and goes away shaking his head.

Such is my life. I'm an island here.

A few shallow observations (you know how I love that) The whole webcam thing is casual, I know, but Peter needs to hang up his clothes somewhere else. Jonah is just too cute. He has this sexy professor thing going, but it's one thing to drink coffee and quite another to scratch your ear while talking. The former is fine, the latter...not so much.

Anyway, it's a good discussion about the atmosphere of the 2008 election. Will character bashing work on Hillary if she comes across as a perfectly fine character? (which she is doing a beautiful job at now)

My favorite line of Jonah to Peter:

"We will dissect your inaccurate observations at a later time."

So if your interested in what Jonah and Peter have to say, go watch.