Saturday, October 27, 2007

Code Pink. Code Crazy.

This is the video of the Code Pinker getting up in Condi Rice's face with blood on her hands (red paint). This happened Wednesday as Condi arrived to testify before the House Foreign Relations Committee regarding US policy in the Middle East.

This just infuriates me. Totally unacceptable! They should all be thrown into jail.(They were arrested thank God) I believe in protest, but you do NOT charge a person with what looks like blood on your hands. It's sick and disgusting and shows what nutcases the Code Pinker really are. They have no shame or common decency.

I might add that Condi handled it with her usual grace and dignity.

via Sweetness & Light (who has lots of posts on Code Pink. Scroll to the bottom of the page for background on Code Crazy.)

Let me add one more thing. Why can't we keep these idiots from these meetings? They have proven themselves unstable. They are pretty easy to spot since they wear ridiculous pink outfits. And this isn't just the Republicans they harrass, the Democrats get it to. Good grief. Let's put a stop to it.