Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Republican Debate.

Well, obviously Mitt and Fred saw my webcast...;-) Mitt's hair was not "as perfect." And Fred must have downed a 6 pack of red bull before the debate.

This was a very enjoyable debate. Everyone seemed revved up. There were lots of good answers by all of the candidates. I really couldn't tell you who won. Mitt was charming and his answers were near perfect. McCain was strong and powerful. Fred had much more energy and got in some good lines. Huckabee really is the underrated candidate. He is smart and funny. He should be the VP for sure. And yes, even Rudy did well. They all had great lines against Hillary. They really verbalized all our fears of her being President.

It was just full of conservative goodness.

Best line of the night: My man, McCain:

"Hillary tried to get a million dollars for the Woodstock museum. I understand it was a major cultural and pharmaceutical event. I couldn't attend. I was tied up at the time."