Thursday, October 25, 2007

The New Republic's Baghdad Diarist Scott Beauchamp's Saga.

All the drama.

If you need all the details. Jeff Emanuel and Powerline has them. If you spend any time at all on the political blogs, you know this story. A magazine (TNR) publishes what appears to be fictional stories from a soldier in Iraq. This isn't the first time a magazine or news organization has been fooled. So why is this important? Well, there is the coverup, which adds to the drama, but the main reason we all got so upset about this is this continuing determination of some in the media of defaming our military. There seems to be an ongoing effort to denigrate our soldiers and paint them in the worst possible light. We on the right, who understand their sacrifice and bravery, get sorta ticked about it.

So this won't be the end of it. And even if you get tired of reading about it, just keep in mind that perhaps this will make other news organizations think twice about publishing stories until they have thoroughly fact checked it.