Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Free Cuba.

I wish that all of you could have seen live President Bush's speech to Cuban dissidents (some of whom just recently arrived). Bush introduced the relatives of four Cuban prisoners being held for political crimes. It was touching to see the faces of those who have suffered so under Castro, given appreciation and applause.

Update: video here.

This seemed to be a call during what will be a time of transitions, for all Cubans to resist the old ways of oppression and bring Cuba into the light of Democracy.

Bush spoke directly to the Cuban people, with Radio and TV Marti broadcasting in Cuba. He told them that even if you are a part of the Cuban military and police, you will be supported by the United States. He says "There is a place for you in a new Cuba.”

Perhaps Raul Castro will choose a different path than his brother's. One that does not imprision those who disagree. One that does not leave it's people in poverty. One who will embrace freedom, both personal and economic.

How wonderful would it be to see in my lifetime, no more makeshift boats of tires and wood, carrying a desperate people across dangerous water to our land of opportunity. Instead to see opportunity land on the shores of Cuba.

Bush's speech was truly inspiring. As Babalu Blog says:

"Regardless of what some may say, the words of the President of the United States still carry a great amount of weight. Just a couple of weeks ago the president stood before the general assembly of the UN to remind those hypocrites about the real Cuba.

Not only that, this president more than any other has been willing to confront the Cuban leadership and denounce the human rights situation in Cuba."

Update: Babalu explains the importance of today's speech in a way I cannot. He has all the perspective.