Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sometimes We Get What We Asked For.

By now you may have heard of California's SB-777. A pro-gay agenda bill that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger happily signed and will go into effect Jan. 1st 2008.

School textbooks will no longer refer to "mother and father" or "Mom and Dad." There shall be no preference shown to heterosexuality. All that's needed is a "nurturing caregiver." There are no abnormal forms of sexuality.

As Frank Pastore at Townhall points out:

"They’ll be taught “male” and “female” are mere social constructs that have nothing to do with sexuality or “plumbing.” Increasingly, children will be encouraged to explore their own “gender,” which means they’ll be encouraged to experiment with all forms of sexuality"


"We’ll throw them condoms, pass out Plan B in the health center, and even put 6th grade middle school girls on the pill to ensure that we make sex “safe.” And when some get pregnant, and others get the inevitable diseases, we’ll just take them for an abortion or for treatments under HillaryCare—all during school hours."

Welcome to the world of a LIBERAL REPUBLICAN.

That's right. This isn't about those heavy handed Democrats forcing their social agenda on us. It's about Republicans electing Republicans who are liberals in sheep's clothing and expecting anything different.

California did it with Arnold Schwarzenegger and it looks as if we are about to do it with Rudy Giuliani.

This is a wakeup call. Time is running out.