Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally got the "Shut Up and Sing" Dixie Chick's DVD.

I didn't want to rent it and give them money, so I bought it online from a used book store. That way only the bookstore gets the money.

Anyway, for those of you who didn't read the post about this blog being in the opening scene of the Dixie Chick's DVD, it's here.

Well, I had speculated that it must have been my Houston Chronicle blog they were reading, but they clearly show this blog on the computer screen. But, they must have clicked over to my Houston Chronicle blog because a member of their band reads this part of my post out loud:

"It's too bad really. I loved listening to the Dixie Chicks. I loved their music. Even this new angry song is good."

And they all laugh. I don't know why that's funny though. They read through some comments, but I think they edited in comments from other blogs because one of the comments had the "F" word and I don't allow that at either blog. The editing doesn't distinguish between what I wrote and what commenters said. Which is bothersome to me because it gives the impression that I either wrote those things or let them be said at my blog. But I figure the ones who watch this movie probably would hate me anyway, so no big deal.

It's fun to see my blog on screen like that though.

I may even try to get through the whole movie sometime this week.