Thursday, September 20, 2007

My take on the Jena 6

The News story here.

Here's a summary of the story. In Jena, La the high school had some sort of unofficial "white" tree that the white kids hung around. Some black kids hung out under the tree one day and the next day 3 nooses were hung from the tree. The white kids were suspended. 6 black kids beat up the white kid (who I assume was responsible for the nooses) and they get charged as adults with attempted murder.

First, did no one know about this "white tree?" Good grief. That is where the outrage should have started. Someone should have let the administration know. It's just unacceptable. The nooses deserved explusion for the white kids. I don't know if there is anything criminal to be charged there, but if there was, it should have been. Second, the sentence for the black kids was harsh and there is a right to outraged here.

Now, if only Jesse and Sharpton could have made it to Jena before the violence started. Not to protest, but to bring white and black people together. We cannot teach our children respect for each other if we don't sit down with them and explain it.

Are there no decent white students at this school? My first thought was if I had been a student, I would have taken the nooses down and put up a poster like the one above. It would be a start.

Finally, When will we get to a point where the Sharpton's and Jesse's of the world are more interested in teaching young black men disipline, honor, and integrity, instead of showing up after the fact and demanding a more fair criminal sentencing?????? It is sad to me that no one argues what they did was wrong, but only focus on the unfairness of the justice system. Here's a thought. TEACH THEM TO NOT EVER HAVE TO GET INVOLVED IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.