Friday, September 21, 2007

Iraqis Vow to Eradicate Al-Qaida

Gateway Pundit:

The following is a translation by Iraqi-American Haider Ajina translation of an article in Iraq’s paper Sot Aliraq from September, 19 2007:

"Anbar awakening committee vows to eradicate Alqaida before the end of the year"Sheik Ahmed Abu Reeshah, who became tribal chief and head of the Anbar awakening committee after the assassination of his brother Abdul Satar, promised that Alqaida will be eradicated before the end of the year.

He reaffirmed that the committee will avenge the killing of his brother and take revenge on Alqida. This he said in an interview with Alarabiah Chanell on Tuesday the 18th.

Sheik Ahmed added ‘All of Anbar has to avenge the killing of the Sheik, within a year no one will hear of Alqaida any more.

It has become clear that Alqaida has nothing to tie it to Islam nor does it have any thing to do with Islam. Islam builds and cements good relationships between people. Alqaida blew up children and schools. He added. Alqaida is the reason that American forces continue their presence in Iraq.

He said, "If it was not for Alqaida the American forces would have returned home by now, Alqaida has extended the stay of American forces in Iraq."

This is just feakin' awesome to hear.

h/t David

I want to add this. Let's just imagine that this happens. The Iraqi people clear our enemy (and theirs) out of Iraq and we can bring most of our boys home. What a victory! And what a loss for the Democrats.