Friday, September 21, 2007

A Divided Nation?

Many of the Presidential candidates like to talk about how divided we are as a nation. After reading the lastest at the WaPo about's nasty ad against Petraues (which was condemned in a resolution in Congress yesterday btw) I realized that when it comes to the left and the right who are politically active in this country, we will never ever be united. We will always be divided. There is simply no common ground here. We have completely different world views.

The Columbia University outrage is a perfect example of this. Those at the University don't see why we on the right are so upset that they would let a terrorist speak there. A terrorist who is at the moment supplying weapons that kill our boys in Iraq. Lefty bloggers also wonder what the big deal is regarding Ahmadinejad’s wishing to visit the World Trade Center site.

How can I understand a University that allows a terrorist/murderer to speak, but bans the ROTC from recruiting there?

There is no understanding that. It's like they are from another planet.

As I said in an earlier post about why winning in Iraq would be a defeat for the Democrats, It isn't that Democrats are un-American, they are not. They just envision an America that is based on the values and ideals of appeasement, pacifism, and globalism. They believe in an American that doesn't fight. A passive peaceful America that sits at the table of communication with all those around the world. Evilness such as Al Quaeda only need to be understood.

We are a divided nation. Both fighting to win in the vision that we have for America and nothing is going to change that.