Monday, September 17, 2007

If the cartoon in the post below made you mad... least you aren't putting out some serious money to have the cartoonist's “slaughtered like a lamb” by having his throat cut."

Times Online:

"Swedish companies lowered their profile in the Middle East yesterday amid fears that a newspaper cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog could spark bloody reprisals."


It seems al-Qaeda has put "a $100,000 (£50,000) bounty on the head of the cartoonist, Lars Vilks.
The statement, in the name of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, offered a 50 per cent bonus if Mr Vilks was “slaughtered like a lamb” by having his throat cut. It also placed $50,000 on the life of Ulf Johansson, editor-in-chief of Nerikes Allehanda, the local newspaper that printed the cartoon last month."

The Cartoonist is taking it well:

"Mr Vilks arrived back in Sweden from Germany yesterday and made light of the assassination call. “I suppose that this makes my art project a bit more serious. It is also good to know how much one is worth,” he said. "

Not to be outdone, our own Chris Muir basically says with his cartoon, If you don't like Mr. Vilks, Your really gonna hate me.

Chris, if your reading this, I'm thinking that'll get you at least $300,000 and a bonus of $100,000 more. (Chris's cartoon is on my sidebar, but not that one)

via Don Surber and Instapundit